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Cialfor is one of the leading groups in cybersecurity. It has drawn attention to forensic seminars and client services. In order to bind people worldwide, building network is in the role-play. Many intruders attack these network and in order to secure the network, our company provides security to clients.

Cialfor was originally founded to fill the gap in growing electronic discovery, cyber forensics, cybercrime, mobile forensics, based on foundations of real-world experience. Not only it provides support to Indian Government but also has excelled in the field of Mobile Forensics, Digital Forensics, different Cyber crime cases, National Conferences etc.

Services We Provide

Security Consulting

Digital Forensics

We assist firms in proactively identifying security threats and holes in their IT systems, such as asset security, network security, and identity and access management. We provide cyber services and solutions to the government/public sector and commercial businesses, as well as advice on how to apply them, from security scanning to security implementation.

Digital forensics is an essential component of an incident response strategy. As a result, it must be addressed. In the field of digital forensics, we offer services such as mobile forensics, data recovery and reconstruction, and the building of Investigative Support Systems, which are the most effective ways to help our clients investigate cases and acquire evidence.

EULA Compliance

Data Privacy and Compliance

The EULA (End User License Agreement) is essentially a legal contract between an end user and a vendor outlining what they can and cannot do with the software they have just purchased.

We assist our clients with comprehensive cybersecurity goals and investments in future strategies that their institutions demand. EULA audit and compliance is accompanied by an evaluation report and is completed by our team of skilled cybersecurity professionals.

Data protection and privacy services are created to assist organizations in safeguarding their data. A compliance audit is a thorough examination of a company’s conformity to regulatory requirements. Over the course of a compliance audit, audit reports assess the strength and thoroughness of compliance preparations, security policies, user access controls, and risk management procedures.

We assist organizations in forensically identifying data breaches and assisting them in rectifying and reporting the incident. We also give a comprehensive policy evaluation as well as a gap analysis report.

Need Based Training

Cyber Risk Auditing

The process through which a company or an institute determines its employees’ or students’ training and development needs in order for them to do their jobs effectively. It entails a thorough examination of the organization’s/Institute’s requirements at various levels. This service is provided by us

The use of security policies and processes to reduce the overall risk or impact of a security threat is defined as “cyber risk auditing.” Risk auditing can be divided into three categories in terms of cybersecurity: prevention, detection, and remedy; also reporting to the incident. As cybercriminals’ approaches get more sophisticated, your company’s cybersecurity risk mitigation strategies will need to evolve to keep up.

Our Clients

Meet the Team

Rahul Mishra has vast experience in cyber investigations, computer/digital/mobile forensics, digital evidence analysis, end user licenses agreement audits, blockchain & smart contract product development for governments, private entities, and higher education institutions, among other things. MHRD (Govt. of India) resource personnel in SWAYAM (MOOCS) in Digital Forensics for Program in Cyber Security and Forensics

Higher Education, Cyber Investigations, Fraud Investigations, Computer, Mobile, and other forms of Digital/Web Forensics, Cryptocurrency Fraud Investigations; Blockchain & Smart Contract Consulting/Auditing, Blockchain Product Development, Blockchain or Crypto Audit, Ethereum (GPU) Mining Consulting, and so on.

Dhiraj is a seasoned cyber security analyst with a proven track record in the information technology and services industries. He has experience with cyber security, digital forensics, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts. He also presented at the World Leaders Summit 2019 as an expert on the topic of information security.

He has also worked as a consultant, assisting a number of organisations by conducting EULA audits for corporations such as Microsoft and Adobe Systems. He’s also helped a lot of companies protect their data in the system and on a network by providing security solutions. He has worked on both private investigations and with police in situations including blackmailing, identity theft, cryptocurrency fraud, and other digital forensic issues.

Cyber Security Analyst Shreya Chavan, is a driven individual with a background in information security and digital forensics. She has delivered training in this field to a wide range of groups, including high school students, college students, and professionals. Digital forensics, cybersecurity, information security, offensive security, programming languages, and networking are all areas in which she has extensive knowledge. She’s worked on private and local police computer forensic investigations. She’s looked into things like identity theft, homicide, and online fraud. Cybersecurity training and consultancy, investigation, and digital forensic consultancy are among her areas of expertise. She is a technology aficionado who enjoys expanding her knowledge of new technologies.

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