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Cybersecurity, also known as computer security or information technology security, is a field that includes the tools and systems used to monitor, mitigate, and prevent online threats. Cyber Security professionals use advanced technology to conflict hackers, cyberterrorists, network outages, and other technical difficulties that could confront network security.

Cialfor serves many sections of training to some of the largest and best-known universities & Corporates. In all cases, Cialfor offers the ability to proficiently manage the deployment and management of security infrastructure and help you develop and sustain the high-quality information security governance, compliance, data protection, and privacy programs.

CyberSecurity Program at Cialfor includes:


Cyber Forensics:

There’s been a demand for Cyber forensics training for numerous years, mainly due to the following:

  • Computer crime continues to increase. As more cybercrimes get reported, more investigations and qualified investigators are needed.
  • There’s a high demand for qualified digital forensics professionals because nearly every police department needs expert with suitable credentials.
  • IT professionals interested in working for the federal government (either as full-time employees or private contractors) must meet certain minimum training standards in information security. Cyber forensics qualifies as part of the mix needed to meet them, which further adds to the demand for certified Cyber forensics professionals.
  • Cyber Forensics


  • Offensive Security


  • Cyber Laws and Case Study

Offensive Security:

Offensive Security is now In-demand Information Security Certifications and hands-on ethical hacking courses for pen testers.This is completely hands-on offensive information security Training. This allows us to more accurately simulate real-world hacking situations to examine network, web, and application security programs. Cialfor provides you with industry-recognized security experts. Simply stated, our knowledge and experience allow us to provide high-end pen testing and security services tailored to your needs.


Offensive computing

In recent years, the number of cyber-attacks that hit private firms and government entities has rapidly increased.

The damage caused by sabotage and by the stealing of belongings amounts to several billion dollars annually. The security community is aware of the growth of cyber threats but the current defensive approach is showing its limit to mitigate the menace from the Internet. The cyber threats are dynamic and their attacks are asymmetric and troublesome to predict. In the majority of cases, victims of attacks will only notice losses relating to the raids of the opponents. We have a tendency to discuss the possibility to define new methods to defend their assets from the attacks. The most plausible hypothesis is the adoption of an offensive approach to cybersecurity.


Which is the meaning for “offensive approach” to Cyber Security?

The success of recent attacks conducted by cyber criminals and state-sponsored hackers led security experts to believe that a defensive approach waiting for the attackers is totally inappropriate. In many cases, victims discover the attacks many years, after they occurred when it is too late to apply mitigation measures and the consequences are dramatic. For this reason, we are finding the possibility to adopt offensive techniques to mitigate cyber threats such as, the use of intrusive malware to track the intruders or malicious code to spread in targeted “spear-phishing” campaigns against those actors suspected to have originated the offensives.

  • Proactive Services


  • Active Services


  • Reactive Services

We are not likely going to defend our way out of this problem”

In short, we can’t defend our way out of this fix, any more than we could solve the problem of street crime by firing our police and making pedestrians buy better body Armour every year.” “I’m not calling for vigilantism; I’m not calling for lynch mobs. But we need to find a way to give the firms doing these investigations authority to go beyond their network.”

If we don’t do that we will never get to the bottom of most of these attacks,”

Incident Response

Resolve security incidents quickly, efficiently and at scale

A security breach is a daunting event, particularly if you don’t have the internal resources or experience to investigate and verify the scope of the problem.

Our Incident Response Team is usually ready to help. Staffed with the best and most experienced IR talent, we respond immediately and help you through your crisis. Our consultants offer the experience and tools to determine what happened and how to mend it.


CIALFOR helps you to prepare for manage, and recover from data breaches and network attacks. Our experienced team uses most current security technology to respond to attacks and reduce damage and exposure. Strengthen your security program with assessments, threat-hunting, and tabletop exercises.

Our incident response team accelerates the speed of remedy by providing the foremost comprehensive view into offender activity so you’ll be able to resume business operations quicker.

  • Breach Investigation and Mitigation

  • Malware Analysis

  • Ransomware Investigation


  • Targeted Threat Hunting

  • Incident Response Retainer Services

  • Emergency Breach Response


  • Identify how attackers are accessing your environment
  • Determine how to mitigate attacker’s existing access
  • Track future actions and prevent future access

CIALFOR offers you access to the experience and technical expertise you need to accelerate your incident investigation and containment. Our teams can work closely with your in-house teams to hide every stage of incident response, from analysis and detection right on through containment, remedy, and cleanup.

CIALFOR enable organizations to effectively address refined security incidents, minimize knowledge loss, business impact and offers long-term solutions to protect against future attacks.
With CIALFOR Incident Response (IR) Team at your side, you’ll receive expert guidance in building your program. We take a cross- useful approach that is inclusive of all stakeholders, creating a custom plan for your organization. Our methodology consists of a modular framework, allowing you to choose components.

Quickly gain visibility into the full incident, lock down credentials, and limit access.

Understand who is on your network and why to improve your response to current and future attacks.


Don’t wait for days or weeks for equipment to arrive — get back to business faster.


Our computer forensics experts help ensure no digital evidence is overlooked and assist at any stage of a digital forensics investigation or litigation, regardless of the number or location of data sources. Our computer forensics experts assist you with our most complex and sensitive investigative or litigation matters involving electronic evidence or data preservation.


Cyber Crime Investigation:

We examine physical and digital evidence to uncover what did or did not happen, using our combination of computer forensic experts and traditional investigative techniques.

Data Preservation:

In the event of an investigation or litigation, we offer cost-effective and defensible methodologies and solutions to identify and preserve electronic data.


Data Collection:

Regardless of the volume and complexity of your collection needs, our team deploys forensically sound, best-practice methodology to gather your data for electronic investigation and forensic analysis or forensic discovery.

Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis:

Whether data was deleted or manipulated on purpose or by accident, our digital forensics experts analyze the digital clues left behind too quickly and defensibly uncover critical information.

Expert Testimony and Reporting:

Our experts have the necessary experience and credentials to creditably serve as an expert witness or special master.

With a premier team of cyber security professionals and a network of superb digital investigators ,dedicated Digital Investigations & Cyber security practice offers every manner of digital investigations, incident response, and cyber security consulting services to law firms, corporations, financial institutions, governments and high-net-worth individuals in the US and virtually anywhere on the globe.

Our digital investigations and cyber security services include:

  • Computer forensic investigations
  • Crisis management and data breach response
  • Post-incident remediation
  • Cyber due diligence
  • Social media analysis & deep/dark web research
  • Cyber threat assessments & intelligence
  • Proactive cyber readiness consulting
  • Cyber security awareness & training
  • Compliance and best practices guidance
  • eDiscovery support services

We emphasize the “investigative” aspect of digital investigations.

Our senior digital investigators are—first and foremost—investigators, usually either former law enforcement or former intelligence operatives. Thus, while our digital investigators are fully conversant in advanced computer forensics and incident response techniques, they offer additional value because they think like investigators first.

A trusted advisor who can speak beyond the “ones and zeros”.

Our cyber security consulting services are designed to help our clients proactively manage and mitigate cyber risk, improve their security posture, and prepare for future cyber incidents. Leveraging our legal-focused approach, we help clients translate cyber threats into business risk, allowing them to make informed, strategic, risk-based decisions.

When we conduct a digital investigation, the digital component of the inquiry is part and parcel of, and informed by, the broader legal and investigative strategy.

Our digital investigations focus on what our clients actually need in the context of their overall investigative strategy, without engaging in needless and costly “check-the-box” exercises that bear little relation to the demands of the inquiry.

Whether you’re responding to a specific incident, performing due diligence, or conducting an internal review of your cybersecurity posture, the purpose of a digital forensic investigation should be to provide focused useful information.

We offer computer forensic and cyber security services that are tailored to your specific needs.


MOBILE FORENSICS in association with Hancom GMD

Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science, specializing in the recovery and investigation of information residing on electronic or digital devices. Mobile forensics is a branch of digital forensics associated with the recovery of digital proof from mobile devices. Forensically sound is a term used extensively within the digital forensics community to qualify and justify the utilization of explicit forensic technology or methodology.In the information age, every byte of data matters.

Cell phones are capable of storing a wealth of personal information, often intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. This holds true for almost all mobile devices, such as PDAs and iPhones as well. Cell phone forensic experts specialize in the forensic retrieval of data from cell phones and other mobile devices in a manner that preserves the evidence under forensically acceptable conditions, ensuring that it is court-admissible. A cell phone forensic investigation includes possible full data retrieval dependent upon the cell phone or PDA model. Cialfor will conduct a thorough examination of the data found on the cell phone’s SIM/USIM, the cell phone body itself, and any optional memory cards.

Some of the kinds of data that may be retrieved and examined during a cell phone forensic investigation, even after being deleted, include:

  • Call times; dialed and received calls, and call duration
  • Text messages recovery of SMS message recovery
  • Contact names & phone numbers
  • Address book entries; residential addresses and email addresses
  • Photos & graphics
  • Videos
  • Get Maximum Output


  • Transparent  Policy


  • High Success Rate


The main principle for a sound forensic examination of digital proof is that the first evidence should not be changed. this is often very troublesome with mobile devices. Some forensic tools need a communication vector with the mobile device, so customary write protection won’t work throughout forensic acquisition. different forensic acquisition ways might involve removing a chip or putting in a bootloader on the mobile device before extracting knowledge for forensic examination. In cases wherever the examination or knowledge acquisition isn’t potential while not changing the configuration of the device, the procedure and also the changes should be tested, validated, and documented. Following correct methodology and pointers is crucial in examining mobile devices because it yields the foremost valuable data. like any proof-gathering, not following the right procedure throughout the examination may result in loss or damage of evidence or render it inadmissible in court.Law enforcement officials and legal firms realize the importance of evidence contained on cell phones and other mobile devices, and how it can greatly affect the outcome of a trial. Whether working to document evidence of “white collar crime” or tasked by law enforcement to extract data for a criminal trial, the integrity of the firm selected for cell phone forensics is as important as the integrity of the data recovered. More and more court cases are being won with the proper submitter of electronic evidence, so it’s imperative that the cell phone forensic investigator understands the legal issues and imperatives surrounding electronic evidence gathering.

Parents should contact us if they suspect that their child is misusing the device or being harassed by someone contacting or photographing them without their consent.

Cialfor will discreetly investigate and, if necessary, assist law enforcement by providing court-admissible data to corroborate legal claims.

Cialfor can perform mobile phone forensics if an individual suspects his or her spouse of cheating. Data such as placed & received calls and phone call times, text messages, photos and other incriminating evidence can be retrieved from the spouse’s cell phone or mobile device.

Companies and corporations should contact us to perform cell phone forensics if they suspect espionage by a competitor or disgruntle employee.

Business owners who distribute cell phones to their executives and sales staff may contact us to perform cell phone forensics to determine if these devices are being inappropriately used to view and/or download porn, or defying restricted Internet usage company policies.

Individuals may contact Cialfor if they suspect they have been the victim of e-stalking, the subject of inappropriate and non-consensual digital photography and other forms of digital harassment.

Cialfor’s forensic cell/mobile phone, PDA, and computer investigations are discreet, controlled, thorough and fully documented. Our professional staffs are both certified and highly-experienced in their respective forensic disciplines. Forensic cell phone audits by Cialfor’s professionals yield superior results as our techniques and procedures far exceed those used in routine data recovery investigations. Our forensic examinations will document the evidence that the client needs and the respective circumstance requires. For all your cell phone forensic investigative needs, Cialfor is the company to call.

Computer Investigation:

Computer Investigations has the ability to reveal the exact actions taken by a computer user. From documents that were accessed, deleted or transferred to remote locations, or understanding a computer user’s internet surfing activities, Computer Investigations can be very revealing. Because of the vision provided by computer Investigations, civil litigation often calls for the use of a qualified and experienced computer forensics expert witness to assist with understanding the facts related to a computer’s use and activities by the professed computer user.

Computer Investigation
  • Computer Forensic
  • Data Recovery
  • Email Investigation


  • Social Media Forensics
  • Cloud Forensics
  • Internet Activity Forensics



Computer Forensics 2
Computer Investigations led by Cyber Forensic expertise.

Senior Computer Investigators at CIALFOR are investigators, usually either former law enforcement or former intelligence operatives. Thus, while our Computer Investigators are fully acquainted with advanced computer forensics and incident response techniques, they offer additional value because they think like investigators first.

Our digital investigations focus on what our clients actually need in the context of their overall investigative strategy.

Our experts in computer forensics instruct our clients how to secure their data. By analyzing the server and terminal data, our experts will separate and keep the evidence intact which might reveal the methods and identities of individuals responsible for fraud, embezzlement and criminal or inappropriate conduct.

Computer Forensics including forensic analysis of all files systems:

• Network Forensics
• Incidence & emergency response services
• Forensic bit stream imaging of various digital storage devices
• Digital Data recovery
• Password recovery
• Steganography detection
• Inappropriate & pornographic content detection & Analysis
• Comprehensive search within hard disks, networks and storage devices
• Physical and logical media analysis
• Corrupt operating system data retrieval
• Email investigations- tracking of malicious or threatening e-mail senders
• OUTLOOK forensic along with password recovery
• On-site acquisition of digital/electronic evidence and custody maintenance
• Digital Fraud Investigations
• E-Discovery
• Content analysis