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Computer Investigation:

Computer Investigations has the ability to reveal the exact actions taken by a computer user. From documents that were accessed, deleted or transferred to remote locations, or understanding a computer user’s internet surfing activities, Computer Investigations can be very revealing. Because of the vision provided by computer Investigations, civil litigation often calls for the use of a qualified and experienced computer forensics expert witness to assist with understanding the facts related to a computer’s use and activities by the professed computer user.

Computer Investigation
  • Computer Forensic
  • Data Recovery
  • Email Investigation


  • Social Media Forensics
  • Cloud Forensics
  • Internet Activity Forensics



Computer Forensics 2
Computer Investigations led by Cyber Forensic expertise.

Senior Computer Investigators at CIALFOR are investigators, usually either former law enforcement or former intelligence operatives. Thus, while our Computer Investigators are fully acquainted with advanced computer forensics and incident response techniques, they offer additional value because they think like investigators first.

Our digital investigations focus on what our clients actually need in the context of their overall investigative strategy.

Our experts in computer forensics instruct our clients how to secure their data. By analyzing the server and terminal data, our experts will separate and keep the evidence intact which might reveal the methods and identities of individuals responsible for fraud, embezzlement and criminal or inappropriate conduct.

Computer Forensics including forensic analysis of all files systems:

• Network Forensics
• Incidence & emergency response services
• Forensic bit stream imaging of various digital storage devices
• Digital Data recovery
• Password recovery
• Steganography detection
• Inappropriate & pornographic content detection & Analysis
• Comprehensive search within hard disks, networks and storage devices
• Physical and logical media analysis
• Corrupt operating system data retrieval
• Email investigations- tracking of malicious or threatening e-mail senders
• OUTLOOK forensic along with password recovery
• On-site acquisition of digital/electronic evidence and custody maintenance
• Digital Fraud Investigations
• E-Discovery
• Content analysis