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Our computer forensics experts help ensure no digital evidence is overlooked and assist at any stage of a digital forensics investigation or litigation, regardless of the number or location of data sources. Our computer forensics experts assist you with our most complex and sensitive investigative or litigation matters involving electronic evidence or data preservation.


Cyber Crime Investigation:

We examine physical and digital evidence to uncover what did or did not happen, using our combination of computer forensic experts and traditional investigative techniques.

Data Preservation:

In the event of an investigation or litigation, we offer cost-effective and defensible methodologies and solutions to identify and preserve electronic data.


Data Collection:

Regardless of the volume and complexity of your collection needs, our team deploys forensically sound, best-practice methodology to gather your data for electronic investigation and forensic analysis or forensic discovery.

Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis:

Whether data was deleted or manipulated on purpose or by accident, our digital forensics experts analyze the digital clues left behind too quickly and defensibly uncover critical information.

Expert Testimony and Reporting:

Our experts have the necessary experience and credentials to creditably serve as an expert witness or special master.

With a premier team of cyber security professionals and a network of superb digital investigators ,dedicated Digital Investigations & Cyber security practice offers every manner of digital investigations, incident response, and cyber security consulting services to law firms, corporations, financial institutions, governments and high-net-worth individuals in the US and virtually anywhere on the globe.

Our digital investigations and cyber security services include:

  • Computer forensic investigations
  • Crisis management and data breach response
  • Post-incident remediation
  • Cyber due diligence
  • Social media analysis & deep/dark web research
  • Cyber threat assessments & intelligence
  • Proactive cyber readiness consulting
  • Cyber security awareness & training
  • Compliance and best practices guidance
  • eDiscovery support services

We emphasize the “investigative” aspect of digital investigations.

Our senior digital investigators are—first and foremost—investigators, usually either former law enforcement or former intelligence operatives. Thus, while our digital investigators are fully conversant in advanced computer forensics and incident response techniques, they offer additional value because they think like investigators first.

A trusted advisor who can speak beyond the “ones and zeros”.

Our cyber security consulting services are designed to help our clients proactively manage and mitigate cyber risk, improve their security posture, and prepare for future cyber incidents. Leveraging our legal-focused approach, we help clients translate cyber threats into business risk, allowing them to make informed, strategic, risk-based decisions.

When we conduct a digital investigation, the digital component of the inquiry is part and parcel of, and informed by, the broader legal and investigative strategy.

Our digital investigations focus on what our clients actually need in the context of their overall investigative strategy, without engaging in needless and costly “check-the-box” exercises that bear little relation to the demands of the inquiry.

Whether you’re responding to a specific incident, performing due diligence, or conducting an internal review of your cybersecurity posture, the purpose of a digital forensic investigation should be to provide focused useful information.

We offer computer forensic and cyber security services that are tailored to your specific needs.