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Cybersecurity, also known as computer security or information technology security, is a field that includes the tools and systems used to monitor, mitigate, and prevent online threats. Cyber Security professionals use advanced technology to conflict hackers, cyberterrorists, network outages, and other technical difficulties that could confront network security.

Cialfor serves many sections of training to some of the largest and best-known universities & Corporates. In all cases, Cialfor offers the ability to proficiently manage the deployment and management of security infrastructure and help you develop and sustain the high-quality information security governance, compliance, data protection, and privacy programs.

CyberSecurity Program at Cialfor includes:


Cyber Forensics:

There’s been a demand for Cyber forensics training for numerous years, mainly due to the following:

  • Computer crime continues to increase. As more cybercrimes get reported, more investigations and qualified investigators are needed.
  • There’s a high demand for qualified digital forensics professionals because nearly every police department needs expert with suitable credentials.
  • IT professionals interested in working for the federal government (either as full-time employees or private contractors) must meet certain minimum training standards in information security. Cyber forensics qualifies as part of the mix needed to meet them, which further adds to the demand for certified Cyber forensics professionals.
  • Cyber Forensics


  • Offensive Security


  • Cyber Laws and Case Study

Offensive Security:

Offensive Security is now In-demand Information Security Certifications and hands-on ethical hacking courses for pen testers.This is completely hands-on offensive information security Training. This allows us to more accurately simulate real-world hacking situations to examine network, web, and application security programs. Cialfor provides you with industry-recognized security experts. Simply stated, our knowledge and experience allow us to provide high-end pen testing and security services tailored to your needs.