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Offensive computing

In recent years, the number of cyber-attacks that hit private firms and government entities has rapidly increased.

The damage caused by sabotage and by the stealing of belongings amounts to several billion dollars annually. The security community is aware of the growth of cyber threats but the current defensive approach is showing its limit to mitigate the menace from the Internet. The cyber threats are dynamic and their attacks are asymmetric and troublesome to predict. In the majority of cases, victims of attacks will only notice losses relating to the raids of the opponents. We have a tendency to discuss the possibility to define new methods to defend their assets from the attacks. The most plausible hypothesis is the adoption of an offensive approach to cybersecurity.


Which is the meaning for “offensive approach” to Cyber Security?

The success of recent attacks conducted by cyber criminals and state-sponsored hackers led security experts to believe that a defensive approach waiting for the attackers is totally inappropriate. In many cases, victims discover the attacks many years, after they occurred when it is too late to apply mitigation measures and the consequences are dramatic. For this reason, we are finding the possibility to adopt offensive techniques to mitigate cyber threats such as, the use of intrusive malware to track the intruders or malicious code to spread in targeted “spear-phishing” campaigns against those actors suspected to have originated the offensives.

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We are not likely going to defend our way out of this problem”

In short, we can’t defend our way out of this fix, any more than we could solve the problem of street crime by firing our police and making pedestrians buy better body Armour every year.” “I’m not calling for vigilantism; I’m not calling for lynch mobs. But we need to find a way to give the firms doing these investigations authority to go beyond their network.”

If we don’t do that we will never get to the bottom of most of these attacks,”